Phase One is delighted to welcome back members (and non members).

To conform to new safety guidelines and to ensure that all of our clients have full re-assurance that they are training in a secure environment, we have made a number of changes to our working systems.

If you have not already logged into the Phase One Fitness APP, click here to find out more

We have made a number of changes to ensure that numbers are kept to an appropriate level within the gyms and that distancing is maintained. We have clearly marked walk way areas and training areas. Please stay within these markings.

Social Distancing @ PHAS ONE GYM Bath

Upstairs Cardio Gym:

Our cardio and toning gym contains 5 treadmills, 4 cross trainers, a stepper, 3 bikes, a concept 2 rower, as well as kettle bells, hand weights, barbells and a selection of fixed resistance machines. We have arranged these so that you will not have other users breathing down your neck and with our booking system in operation, you can be assured that this area will not get over crowded.
You also have the opportunity, at certain times, to use our open studio next door, which is a large open space, perfect for stretching, doing body weight on free weight routines or using the punch bag. Please see the Phase One notice board or contact Phase One for more information about this room.

Downstairs Weights Gym:

3 racks, leg press, Smith Machine, Cable cross over, lat pull down, seated row, chest press, pec fly, pec dec, shoulder press, leg extension, leg curl, 6 Olympic
bars, dumbbells up to 47.5kg, 4 benches.

We have cleared a few of the less popular machines and ensured that there is at least 1.5m between the remaining kit. We have also added a bike and concept two rower to the treadmill to allow for a decent warm up.

We ask you all to train sensibly and as spotting is no longer allowed, keep to your limitations when using weights.

To ensure that we keep to the recommended number of users to floor space ratio, we are implementing a booking system for the first time at Phase One.

  • You will notice that we have deep cleaned the building and re-decorated a number of areas around the building.
  • We will continue to clean both during the day and over night.
  • We have supplied numerous hygiene trays containing alcohol hand gel, cleaning spray and wipes between equipment.
  • We ask gym users to observe good hand hygiene at all times. Use soap and water or hand sanitisers regularly. Avoid touching your face.
  • Please clean your kit both before and after you use them.
  • Please do not come to Phase One if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid 19.
  • Masks are not mandatory but feel free to wear one if you want.

We will be operating a one way system around the upstairs gyms, where the main staircase is for access only. We will use the fire escape stairs as the exit. For the downstairs gym this is not possible, so ask you to please give way to clients coming down the stairs and wait for a clear staircase before returning to reception. Changing rooms will remain open for use of toilets and basins but we ask gym users to arrive changed and return home to take showers.

The sauna area will remain closed for the time being.

These will be out of action so please bring your own water, or you can purchase your own bottle on site.

Due to social distancing and the size of our studio, classes will not be restarting immediately. Instead the area is being used to space out our kit (see above). However, we do have the option to start some classes either remotely, via Zoom, use the park for some sessions (Circuits, Boxercise etc) and potentially run some more static classes (Yoga and Pilates) in the studio with machines pushed to the sides. Please feel free to give feedback on these options and watch this space.