You might be wondering where to start. Follow these tips for beginners to feel stronger — physically and mentally — before and after every gym session.

Remember that the most important exercise catalyst is confidence. Whether you’re lifting 100 pounds or 1 pound, you should be proud of yourself for showing up at the gym at all! Don’t be intimidated by others or scared to ask for help, everyone at the gym was once in your shoes. Those first few workouts, no matter how “easy” they are in terms of physical intensity, are often the most mentally challenging. Be proud, remain confident and trust that your gym skills and fitness savvy will increase over time.

Beginners often flock to the treadmills and stationary cycles because these machines are easy for all ages and ability levels.

But don’t get stuck in a cardio rut — try incorporating at least two days of strength training into your weekly routine. If you aren’t feeling ready to explore the weight room, remember that bodyweight exercises can be just as effective at building strength.

If you’re not sweating by the end of your workout

Perhaps you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Try to reach an “out of breath” state at least once during your workout by incorporating high-intensity movements like sprinting, jumping jacks, burpees or squat jumps.

Ask a gym employee or fellow gym-goer for help

Instead of shying away from exercises or equipment you’re unfamiliar with, ask a gym employee or fellow gym-goer for tips on form and technique. Another good idea is working with a certified trainer to help familiarise yourself with the gym layout and draft a workout plan.